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Solar Services provides high-quality industrial & commercial solar power solutions to businesses in Pakistan.


What and How?


Soherwardia Solar Energy Provides Comprehensive Renewable Energy Solutions and Services

As a renewable energy company, Soherwardia Solar Energy is different from other companies. We are not only in the solar solution but also complete renewable energy resources developers and solutions providers. The basic aim of the company is to promote renewable energy resources in Pakistan.

With our professional skills in the field of renewable energy, we built a chain of national and international channel partners to make sure solutions for the customer on high-end renewable resources.

Solar Commissioning and Re-commissioning Services

Solar owners are always looking for ways to decrease electricity bills while simultaneously increasing per-unit costs. To that end, a properly maintained solar system is critical to ensuring maximum ROI. Solar Commissioning is part of the solar commissioning and testing process, ensuring that it is; safe and built to code.

Solar facilities are great investments, but only if properly maintained for performance and safety. Re-commissioning provides peace of mind you’re getting maximum production. Soherwardia Solar Energy nowadays; performed, Re-Commissioning for customers, and their systems; are installed by different installers or companies.

Re-commissioning is a fundamental part of Solar Operations and Maintenance (O&M) services, and the whole point of solar O&M is to increase energy production and decrease operational costs.


Solar Maintenance Services

Solar power plant owners often ask Soherwardia Solar Energy, “how do I maintain my solar panels to ensure maximum electricity production?” As with any revenue-generating asset, solar owners should always be, looking for ways to increase revenue while simultaneously decreasing costs.

To that end, keeping your solar panels at peak efficiency ensures maximum return on investment. Solar panels that are properly maintained can last for many years. Soherwardia Solar Energy Renewable Energy Solutions; provides solar service, solar maintenance, operations and maintenance,

solar asset management, battery backup, and off-grid / on-grid / hybrid O&M services. For instance, our portfolio of existing customers’ solar power plant generation assets produces energy at an average of 100% – 105% of expected production.


Soherwardia Solar Energy’s ability to deliver turnkey solar and storage solutions for residential, commercial, and utility-scale clients is unique in the Pakistan industry. With an in-house workforce and a dedicated operations team monitoring our systems in real-time every day, Soherwardia Solar Energy has forged a reputation as the provider of choice for some of Pakistan’s largest and most complex renewable energy projects.


Soherwardia Solar Energy has no competitor because we are our own. We never claim “We are Pakistan’s No.1 Solar Company“, our enthusiastic approach, never compromised on quality products or engineering,

and our previous customers give us the rating. We have installed many systems for homeowners, educational institutions Schools and Colleges, societies, corporate sectors, their offices and buildings, builders, and medium and large-scale businesses, and our experience in project management sets us apart from the competition. Please have a look at our past projects. here


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