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Net Metering in Pakistan

Net Metering in Pakistan

net metering in pakistan

Net Metering Pakistan

Why Net Metering Pakistan? 

Net metering in Pakistan is a billing mechanism that credits solar energy system proprietors for the power they add to the grid. For instance, if a private client has a PV framework, it might create more power than the home uses amid sunlight hours. Net Metering in Pakistan

If the house is net-metered, the power meter will run in reverse to give credit against what power is used around evening time or different periods where the home’s power utilization surpasses the system’s yield. Clients are only charged for their “net” energy utility. Net Metering in Pakistan

The advanced digital meter keeps running in both bearings to accommodate the power generated at the customer’s home. Net metering permits clients to produce their power effectively and efficiently.

Net Metering Technology

Net Metering In Pakistan

A bi-directional electricity meter is integrated with hybrid or on-grid solar panels for net metering. These Solar Panels must be attached with a three-phase electricity connection to inject and offset the excessive energy to the national grid. You get credits against the amount of energy you sell to the grid. You can use the credits to get free electricity units. Net Metering in Pakistan

Net Metering in Pakistan

Net Metering In Lahore

The net metering system in Pakistan is relatively a new concept that is highly beneficial for solar system owners. As the country is blessed with ample sunlight, solar panels generate more electricity in the day than we need, this excessive energy will be of no use if a net metering-compliant solar system has not been installed on your rooftop. Net Metering in Pakistan

But if you have the said facility, you can sell this additional amount of electricity to the grid and can earn electricity units in the monthly bill. Net metering is a new yet legal practice in the country as NEPRA issued regulations about it a few years back. Whether you are a domestic or commercial consumer, net metering will be equally advantageous. Net Metering in Pakistan

The following guidelines explain the trends in state and utility net metering measures:

Installation of Solar System:

The first and foremost step is to get your Soherwardia Energy Net metering-compliant solar system installed. Soherwardia Group successfully caters to all three sectors of domestic, commercial, and industrial clients. We excel in the provision of the small-scale domestic system as 1kva to multi-megawatts industrial systems. Net Metering in Pakistan

Preparation of Application:

The second step begins with the preparation of the application as per the rules of SRO 892 (1) 2015. This process is made easier and smooth for our valued clients by supporting them on each & every step of application preparation for a solar net metering system in Pakistan.

Inspection & NOC issuance:

The approval of the application will lead to the phase of inspection carried out by the Energy Department. The electrical inspection team will inspect the system as per SRO 892(1)/2015 & SOP from LESCO. After the satisfactory inspection of the system, you’ll be issued NOC. Net Metering in Pakistan

The signing of the Agreement:

This significant step will be the signing of a three years agreement between the Distributor Generator (Consumer) and LESCO. This will be a legal agreement allowing you to feed surplus energy to the national grid.

Allotment of Generation License:

The agreement signed between you and LESCO will be handed over to NEPRA for a generation License. Once the legal agreement is verified by the ruling body, it will allow you to be an independent power producer for the next three years.

Activation of Net Meter

The last but not least step involves LESCO in making you the independent power-producing authority. After the successful allotment of the generation license, your net meter will be activated making you able to save & earn simultaneously. Net Metering in Pakistan

Advantages of Reverse Metering IN Pakistan

Net Metering Pakistan

Free energy produced from solar panels sounds good but saving and earning through these panels is even better.

Own Electricity and Control Billing

Net metering not only enables you to produce electricity but also provides control over the billing process. It will regulate your billing and ensure the smart and most efficient use of solar PV panels installed at your place. Net Metering in Pakistan

Easy on the Wallet

For both residential and commercial use, net metering has a reasonable cost which is easy on your wallet. Considering its long-term benefits, net metering is a choice for smart solar users. Whenever you are going to select a solar system for a home or office, net metering compliance must be in your mind.

Best Utilization of 20% to 40% Output

Through a net-metered compliant solar system, almost 20% to 40% of power output goes to the grid. If there is no net metering, this much amount of energy can be lost without any productive use. That is why net metering is recommended to solar system owners for bringing more ease to their lives. Such a high ratio will earn more units from the national grid to be balanced in your consumer bill.

Sell & Earn

Net-metering is a mechanism that allows you to supply excess electricity to the national grid and sell it. None of the surplus energy you’re producing will go to waste if you have a net meter integrated into your solar panel system.

Burden Off The Grid

By empowering an era close to the point of utilization, Net Metering likewise diminishes the strain on distribution frameworks and averts power losses in long-distance transmission and division of Power.

Cost of Net Metering System In Pakistan

Net Metering Pakistan

The net metering cost in Pakistan varies for users depending upon the type and size of the system. The price for industrial customers is higher than the price for residential customers because of the difference in the size of the projects. For residential customers, the net metering price in Pakistan depends upon two factors.

The price of the meter remains the same however, the price varies depending on the documentation and process charges which are dependent upon the project size. Soherwardia Energy helps you apply for net metering with ease and helps you get reasonable net metering rates in Pakistan. Net Metering in Pakistan


Why Soherwardia?

Net Metering Pakistan

Soherwardia Energy provides complete assistance from preparing the net metering application forms to successful commissioning through net metering activation. We are authorized by the Alternative Energy Development Board (AEDB) for net metering installations across the country. Many cases have been registered and completed for net metering systems and the total count is on the rise. According to the statistics, Soherwardia Energy has a 14% share in total KWs net-metered Pakistan which speaks volumes. So far we have successfully implemented Net Metered Power Plants in Pakistan in more than 33 cities. Generate electricity, save excessively, and earn by selling it back through Soherwardia’s net-metered solar solutions. Net Metering in Pakistan

SBP’s Solar Financing Pakistan scheme encourages people of Pakistan for Solar Financing in Pakistan who are belonging to the industrial, commercial, residential, and agricultural sectors to invest in renewable energy sources. Net Metering in Pakistan

Which Capacity Makes the Best Solar System For Home in Pakistan?

Solar energy systems are available in several capacities irrespective of the system type you are installing. The required capacity of the system depends upon the electricity usage of the consumer. If the electricity usage is higher, the system capacity will be greater as well. The table below will help you find the right capacity for your electricity utilization. Net Metering in Pakistan

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