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CEO’s Message

CEO Message

A Team That Loves to Create

CEO Message:

Mustafa Solar Energy was conceived with sustainability at it’s core. Since our launch, we have had the vision of being a business that would speed up the energy transition towards clean energy while Constituting itself a a catalyst that makes this transition easier for masses. For us, this meant establish a company that would revolutionize and elevate Pakistan’s energy sector, always putting social progress at the heart of our mission.

With Mustafa Solar Energy, we have been fortunate to create the no.1 renewable energy company in Pakistan while establishing meaningful & tangible commitments with the residential and business communities a like.

Mustafa Solar Energy has always put it’s mission over profit, and this has been our foremost objective to revolutionize the energy sector of Pakistan. For this purpose, Mustafa Solar Energy has actively created relationships with top tier solar manufacturers to provide you with the most affordable and effective solar solutions.

2021 has been a harsh year for most of us, and we have tried our best to comfort the people wanting to switch to solar energy by providing discounts and free servicing. our plans for the future are to make the most of the current year and end it in the most positive way possible.

“The faces of our customers are the force that drives us to put in more effort”.

Solar Contractor Program

Become an Authorized Solar Electric Supply Contractor or Dealer.

We are always looking for good solar contractors, integrators, and dealers all over the Pakistan. Are you a skilled contractor or dealer looking to expand your business? General, electrical, HVAC, roofing, and other contractors can install solar photovoltaic systems. We also work with oil, gas, mining, Scada, telecom and security integrators and installers all over the world.

The solar power industry is growing rapidly and we can help you become one of the leading solar installation contractors in your area.

ceo message

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